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Is there any solution for retrieving a Dropbox share link to a file, that doesn't involve opening a browser?

That puts it directly in the clipboard.

(For sake of clarity, I'm referring to when you right-click a file and select DropboxShare Link.)

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No, you can't just get the link in clipboard, which is much safer for you. With Dropbox's version 2.0.5, you can easily share them through the toolbar.

There's a second way of doing it, being a lot better, which is:

Finder > Dropbox > public (move your public file here) > right click > dropbox > Copy public Link

dropbox share button

right click copy public link

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Since September 2013 Dropbox introduced the possibility to automatically copy the public link of a shared screenshot to your clipboard.

On Mac you can use the default shortcuts Cmd+Shift+4 or Cmd+Shift+3 and the link is automaticlycopied to the clipboard.

On Windows you have to use Ctrl+Print Screen to get the link copied to the clipboard (If you just press Print Screen Dropbox will only add the Screenshot to the Screenshots folder).

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You can as of a couple of weeks ago.

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Assuming the way you have in mind differs from the one in the other answer, can you please elaborate? – patrix Jun 1 '13 at 8:59

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