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I have -


TimeMachine will happily backup /Users/me/Documents and everything beneath it. /Users/me/Fuse4XFileSystem/ can be opened and navigated from the Finder or Terminal. TimeMachine however ignores /Users/me/Fuse4XFileSystem/ when creating a backup.

How do I get TimeMachine to backup /Users/me/Fuse4XFileSystem ?

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Have you tried mounting the FUSE filesystem to /Volumes/Fuse4XFileSystem and symlinking it to /Users/me/Fuse4XFileSystem? I had a similar issue with an external hard drive that I mounted directly to /Users/Shared/Music and didn't get backed up. Time Machine ignored it until I mounted it to /Volumes/HDD. – jaume Apr 10 '13 at 14:24

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