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Unix-sytled, "package managers" like Fink, Homebrew, and MacPorts do a good job of managing 'headless' libraries. I would like something similar to manage OS X applications with a GUI.

I am hoping to find an easier way to add/remove applications and restore my system in the event of loss or theft or if I purchase a new computer.


  • find and install applications
  • keep track of which applications I've installed
  • uninstall applications and preferences
  • manage licenses


  • AppFresh for Mac - best candidate; not free
  • homebrew-cask - good candidate; limited application support
  • Apple's App Store - easily find and install applications; doesn't remove applications; not all applications are in the App Store
  • AppCleaner - removes applications and preferences, but does not install applications
  • - tracks application (which will replace my spreadsheet); does not manage applications

Are there others?

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There is homebrew-cask, but it only includes about 150 applications at the moment. – user495470 Apr 10 '13 at 9:14
Thanks for the edits! – patrix Apr 10 '13 at 11:43

Bodega can install, check for updates, and uninstall. It also has ability to search for new applications based on your search terms and/or category. It's pretty good, but it is not all-inclusive.

Macupdate Desktop is shareware that is similar to Bodega, but has no feature to uninstall applications as far as I know.

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