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I want Apple Mail to automatically move all email, read and unread, to the Archive folder IF it's past a certain date. I want this move to take effect on ALL my devices (mac,iPad,iPhone,etc). How can I set this up? Can I set this up from the iPad or only on the Mac?

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This should be easily possible as long as the date is static. Do you, by any chance, use an IMAP email setup or some other type? – bassplayer7 Apr 8 '13 at 23:21
@bassplayer7 I honestly don't know. I use apple mail...I have a email address. Can you describe what you mean by IMAP email setup? – OrangeDancer Apr 8 '13 at 23:28

"I have a email address." queued me in that you are probably on IMAP. Simply put IMAP syncs your mail across all your devices, instead of having to delete a particular email three different places.

So, to do what you desire, you will have to create a rule on your Mac:

  1. Open Mail Settings and go to "Rules".
  2. Click "Add Rule" and type in your description.
  3. Create the Logic:
    • Date Received :: Is Greater Than :: [Arbitrary Number Chosen by You]
  4. Under perform the following actions:
    • Move Message :: to mailbox :: "Archive" -> "iCloud"
  5. Click "OK", then "Apply".
  6. The changes should be reflected on your iPad and iPhone counter-parts after refreshing inboxes there.
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