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As my previous external HDD threw some disturbing SMART Warnings, I bought a new Hard Drive. It arrived earlier today, I formatted it and made some backups onto it at it has more space and I wanted to shift some partitions.

5 minutes later my new WD was auto-ejected and OS X told me to re-initialize it. The Bad news: My old drive was already partitioned and thus all data lost. 1 TB - gone.

One of these partitions was an encrypted OS X Extended with about 700GB. I know the password so decrypting it would be no problem. Data Rescue seems to be able to recover my unencrypted partitions but not the encrypted one.

Is there any software which is able to recover, at least parts of, an encrypted partition?
All I did to this HDD was reformatting it and thus losing the partition table.

Thanks in advance,

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