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I'm looking for an incremental backup system on OS X that plays nice with USB NTFS-formatted external HDDs. I am currently using NTFS-3G to work with the HDD, but since Time Machine doesn't work with NTFS drives, I have just been manually copying files from my HDD to back it up (ugh).

I need to use an NTFS drive because I am going back and forth between Windows machines at my school and a Mac at home. I have no permissions at my school to install any Windows software, so I am forced to find an OS X solution.

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You can use Time Machine. This page tells how to enable NTFS for writing from Snow Leopard.

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CrashPlan is great for Mac backup. But it dose NOT officially support NTFS Drives. There is a workaround. and I have made it work. See here:

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I have no experience using the Mac client at all. So I can't say for sure whether it specifically works with an NTFS formatted drive. But CrashPlan has a client that can theoretically do what you want for free.

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