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In Preview (v 5.3 on 10.6.8), if I search for a single letter such as k in a pdf, the program will find and highlight every instance of that letter in the pdf.

However, if I search for a punctuation mark such as ? or ;, it will report Found on 0 pages, even when the document is littered with such punctuation.

How can I get preview to search for punctuation?

The reason for this is that I wish to locate all instances of missing references (denoted as [?]) in a pdf output from LaTeX. (Yes, I know that LaTeX will tell me where they are in the source file, but I wish to find them in the pdf.)

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Can you search for [?] instead? –  patrix Apr 4 '13 at 11:46
No that doesn't work either... In fact if I search for [?] d it will find all locations of d and completely ignore the punctuation. I think punctuation is being stripped before the search. Probably nothing I can do about it. –  Bill Cheatham Apr 4 '13 at 12:18
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It works on my MBA 10.8.3, with Preview 6.0.1 = it will highlight the punctuations!

enter image description here

This does not solve your specific problem but indicates something is wrong with your settings, since it works otherwise.

If you are comfortable doing it, please update your software.

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Ok thanks. It may be that only newer versions of Preview have this functionality. –  Bill Cheatham Apr 4 '13 at 13:05
Sorry, I do not know that, but happy to have been of help. –  Buscar 웃 Apr 4 '13 at 13:06
@Buscar Votes are given by individual users and represent the view of the community on the usefulness/quality of the answer (or question). I can't speak for others but I usually give upvotes for answers which are useful to the asker, well-written, well-researched or will be of future value. And to focus on your answer above: It is correct but probably not terribly helpful because the asker is still using 10.6. One way out of this would have been to comment on the question first asking the OP whether an upgrade to 10.8 is an option for him. If not, a 10.8 answer isn't what he is looking for. –  patrix Apr 5 '13 at 3:58
@Buscar If you want to get feedback from others on this, move the discussion to the chat room (just ask the question there and wait a few hours for the replies to trickle in), read the faq or raise a question on the meta site. –  patrix Apr 5 '13 at 4:00
@patrix thank you, and I better learn how to use the tools than :) Move to discussion ! –  Buscar 웃 Apr 5 '13 at 8:48
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