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In Preview (v 5.3 on 10.6.8), if I search for a single letter such as k in a pdf, the program will find and highlight every instance of that letter in the pdf.

However, if I search for a punctuation mark such as ? or ;, it will report Found on 0 pages, even when the document is littered with such punctuation.

How can I get preview to search for punctuation?

The reason for this is that I wish to locate all instances of missing references (denoted as [?]) in a pdf output from LaTeX. (Yes, I know that LaTeX will tell me where they are in the source file, but I wish to find them in the pdf.)

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Can you search for [?] instead? – patrix Apr 4 '13 at 11:46
No that doesn't work either... In fact if I search for [?] d it will find all locations of d and completely ignore the punctuation. I think punctuation is being stripped before the search. Probably nothing I can do about it. – Bill Cheatham Apr 4 '13 at 12:18

A year late but may help others:

For me escaping it in double bracket works so try searching ":" or "?".

Escaping in double quotes searches for whatever is between the quotes similar to the way google does their search options.

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