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Questions as to the nature of my paranoia aside, right now I have a piece of sticky note covering my webcam on my MacBook Air, which, as you can imagine, doesn't really complement the look and feel. Is there a decent product that people have actually used that they'd recommend to replace such a sticky note or piece of electrical tape over the webcam?

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What about c-slide? (http://www.c-slide.com) 1 mm thin and works with all latops and pad devices.

The cool thing is that you can open and close it without having to remove any parts from you laptop. And it's sleek, the only downside is that it is black and might not look very nice on a white MacBook frame.

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I have a web camera blocker on my MacBook Air. I got it from my boss who got it from here

Besides the usual answer (band-aid, electrical tape, post-it) there are a few commercial products for webcam privacy available. The best, lowest profile, most elegant solution I have found is the webcamerablocker. It is made of a material that doesn't leave residue on the machine and and be used and reused almost forever.

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camJAMR Webcam Covers works great. I have them on my laptop, iPad, iPhone, and Xbox Kinect. They pretty much fit anything with a webcam.

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C-Slide is too permanent. Requires you to glue a breakable plastic piece to your laptop screen.... Sounds pretty damn sketchy - No thanks!

After giving up on tape and post-its, I opted for the camjamr Covert Pack. They blend in with all my black devices so they are basically unnoticeable until you get up close. The pack comes with 12 reusable webcam covers (somehow they stay stuck, yet can be easily removed by grabbing the tab). You can either buy 1 fragile c-slide, or buy 12 reusable camjamrs(which fit every single device)


My webcam cover decision seemed pretty obvious...

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I use the SpiShutter on my MacBook. Works great. Check it out at spishutter.com

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Peep shield is a static sticker thus not a great solution for a laptop but work well for phones. Campatch falls off and you will need to buy multiples after you lose your first order. Spishutter is way too expensive. C-SLIDE works best and they have a version for every device. Check them out at http://www.webcamcover.com

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I use Peep Shields. They are functional and look great too.

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The smallest, cheapest, non-branded webcam cover which will not ruin your laptops chi is HideMyEye

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SecurityGuardians (Securityguardians.com) has a great selection of webcam covers. Made out of real nice material and doesn't scratch up the webcam lens or anything. Definitely check them out!

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