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I have to make a little keynote tomorrow, and I have all the slides saved as PDFs. I will be using a projector as a second screen to my laptop. What's the best way to transform this long PDF document into something more slidy? If I open in with built-in Preview, I get some annoying issues such as the page number that pops out on the bottom of the slide whenever I flip a page and the non-full-screen-adapting when the ratio of the PDF isn't the same as the ratio of the screen.

So, any solutions?

Note I don't own a Keynote copy, so options like PDF to Keynote are not valid ones.

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I suspect you can't alter PDF rations - they are designed to be as the originator sets and the viewer cannot alter - which is why I prefer vector graphics or HTML, or I suspect Keynote slides – Mark Apr 2 '13 at 23:00
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I have switched to Skim from Preview for presenting PDFs on a data projector. It has more & better presentation options and it’s free. Starting with Lion, drove me crazy. Regarding screen ratio: If I see correctly, both Applications will not change the aspect ratio of the PDF when in presentation mode (e.g. for square PDFs)

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Thank you, I gave it a try and it worked much better than Preview did. It was driving me crazy too! Thank you. – whatyouhide Apr 3 '13 at 23:00
You are welcome! – myhd Apr 4 '13 at 12:35

I'm going to answer my own question a few seconds after I first asked it. The first issue (page number popping out when flipping pages) is easily gone if, instead of using simple Full Screen mode, you use Slideshow (Shift+Cmd+F) mode.

Still having problems with screen ratio though.

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