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I bought a second hand iPhone 3GS which is locked to AT&T's network, I want to unlock it for use in the UK. I'm on the Redmond Pie site which can unlock and jailbreak it, but I don't know what version of iOS the phone is running. I can't figure this out either because opening Settings crashes.

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Plugging the phone into a computer and looking at it in iTunes will reveal the iOS version. – Jason Salaz Apr 1 '13 at 10:52
I've tried on itunes but phone does not show up, it also has no service on phone and I can't get past connect to itunes................. – jane francis Apr 1 '13 at 10:55
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I would check the serial number (printed on the box or/if it wasn't replaced, behind the SIM tray/by entering DFU mode and checking in System Profiler or using the Identify feature in redsn0w) and, if it is old enough to downgrade its baseband, restore it to the iOS version you'll want to use° and perform the jailbreak+iPad baseband and baseband downgrade procedures.

°depending on available SHSH, of course

Seeing the poor condition of the existing system software you'll likely want to restore it anyway…

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You can ask your service provider to unlock your Iphone 3GS.

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