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I have a smart playlist like

Media Kind is Podcast
Rating is *****
Plays is 0

Let say, for example, that I have five episode in the playlist and I play the third one down on my iPhone 5. Once played, it disappears presumably because Plays is >0. Now if I select the last episode on the list (originally 5th, now 4th), it plays the third episode. The third plays the recently removed episode (previously third). Episodes one and two play as expected.

It's as if it's using the position of the episode I'm clicking, but applying the position to the original list. Consequently, I cannot play the fourth episode (originally the fifth).

Once I sync with ITunes, it's all reset and there's no problem until I play an episode. If I select the first episode and just let the Music app play them in order, it's not a problem.

iTunes 11.02.26 iOS 6.1.3

Am I doing something wrong? Can someone reproduce this?

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That sounds like a software bug to me... If no one comes up with an answer it might well be an issue with the app. I suggest you file a bug report at and update your iPhone's software whenever a new iOS release is available, as it might fix the bug – kevin9794 Mar 31 '13 at 6:15
Thanks for the link. I'll file a bug. – Dick Kusleika Apr 1 '13 at 15:09

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