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I have jailbroken iPad2 (iOS5.1.1) and an apple wireless bluetooth keyboard that I use for typing on the iPad. Although the keyboard is a joy to use, I can't use it for much else other than typing documents and creating notes.

I'd like to be able to use some kind of keyboard shortcuts to move around/switch between apps, use shortcuts like Cmd+k or Ctrl+k in the browser and so on.

Is this somehow possible? And if so how?

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I can't comment on Jailbreak-based solutions, but iOS itself only responds to a small subset of computer-based commands. It should work well with things like <kbd>cmd</kbd> + <kbd>B</kbd> to make an item bold-faced for instance, or <kbd>opt</kbd> + e to add an accent mark above a letter. Generally any commands you can use in Pages on a Mac to modify your text you can use on an iPad. You may get more fully-featured answers though from someone with a jailbroken device. – bispymusic Mar 26 '13 at 16:27

BeeKeyboard is a tweak available via Cydia that adds the ability to create custom keyboard shortcuts. I'm not sure if it can do app-switching shortcuts, but you can install a plugin called BeeSafari to add some browser shortcuts.

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