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Is there a way to set the default Move to... directory in Preview?

When a file is opened in Preview and Move to... is selected, the default directory is the directory that the file currently resides in. This directory selection is useless since I want to move the file from it. I'd like to set it to something else.

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You need to provide more information. I cannot find a Move To item in Preview's menu on Snow Leopard. What version are you using? (The closest I've got is "Save" and "Save As" ) Rmember that a 'rename' in unix is a move. Eg. mv foo.pdf bar.pdf renames foo to bar in the existing directory. –  Sherwood Botsford May 11 '13 at 6:03
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Preview gives you an option to choose where to move 2, and will remember the last Folder you used to move at next request.

That is as far it gets and the best solution for it.

Preselecting a folder is not an option,since that would then not be good if you want to move in to another location.

It is correct to show the home location first and let you decide where you want to move it to.

You could choose as location Other...which will open a finder and show you all the possibility. Here I would agree with you that the "Other" should be the default.

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