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If I have a large number of sticky notes on my desktop, each of which a varying permutation of "Floating/Translucent Window", is there a way to "Select All" stickies and apply the "Floating/Translucent Window" operation to them all?

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I don't believe there is a way to do this. Stickies does not have a preferences section nor does it have a .plist file to modify. Everything is stored in a StickiesDatabase file within your user directory. – bispymusic Mar 19 '13 at 15:44
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You can set Floating Window as the default behavior for all new stickies, but for existing stickies you will need to set this value one-by-one.

To set the default: On one sticky (any sticky), click Note from the menu bar and set "Floating Window" and/or "Translucent Window" to checked. Then select "Use as Default" from the same menu.

Screenshot showing the menu selections described above.

All new stickies will have the new settings. You can turn these off on a sticky-by-sticky basis, or you can re-set the defaults using the these instructions.

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