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Otherwise known as "intellipoint."
There's a page where it's suggested that mountain lion users go into library/preference panes, and put the microsoft mouse pref.pane in login items. But there is no longer anything in my preference panes. There is no microsoft mouse explorer pref pane and it's necessary, every time I startup my computer, to open system prefs and select microsoft mouse settings. Not necessary to change them once they're set. Just necessary to open them and then close them. Otherwise, mouse doesn't work.

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Welcome to AskDifferent! It's kind of difficult to understand what exactly you are asking for here. Is the driver installed but not working? Is it working but the Pref Pane is missing? Which web page are you referring to? Which steps have you already tried yourself to solve the issue? Please add as much details as possible (screenshots sometimes also help), we love details here and they make it much easier for everybody to understand your problem and help you. – patrix Mar 18 '13 at 6:56
How do you use Windows? Via BootCamp or virtual machine? If BootCamp, which BootCamp has been used to install Windows 8: before or after 10.8.3 update? – Eir Nym Mar 18 '13 at 8:48
Okay, first Patrix: sorry not to be clear. The newest driver is installed ON MY MAC (no bootcamp,Eir Nym, no windows)running 10.8.2. But there is no preference pane, no microsoft mouse helper. The preference panes folder in my library is empty. When I boot up, the mouse works, but not as I've programmed it. It only has one functioning button at that point. When I then open system preferences to the microsoft mouse prefs, I can actually see it switch from some useless default to the settings I originally set it up with. I change nothing. Just close prefs. The mouse works correctly.?! – user45422 Mar 18 '13 at 21:59
Patrix, here's the webpage where it was suggested I put the prefpane in login items...… – user45422 Mar 18 '13 at 22:05

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