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From the existing apps of the apple store, which would be the most impossible to make for other phone than iPhone? (maybe because of processing performance, touchscreen performance, multi-touch, or whatever).

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Guitar effects for performers. webOS, WP7, and Android do not offer an official API to low latency audio processing currently. But, of course, that could change in future OS releases, since the audio HW is usually present. – hotpaw2 Feb 17 '11 at 17:04

The iPhone has nothing unique in terms of hardware. Neither processor (speed, type), touchscreen (type, size, sensitivity, interactions), geo-location (GPS, accelerometer), or whatever should be a limit. There exists at least one phone out there that can compare with all iPhone specs, so any app could be ported.

Therefore, the hardest app to make would be an Apple-specific app, such as the App Store or iTunes, as I think the communication with their backend is not a public API. Or similarly, perhaps an app that uses a 3rd party that only allows Apple iPhones to use their services.

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Since you're asking about hardware features, there's nothing that the iPhone can do which another phone couldn't do. There are smart phones from other manufacturers which incorporate all of the functionality of the iPhone and more. So I don't think there's such a thing as an iPhone app which could not be made for another smartphone for any technical reason.

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