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I'm looking to build an iBook with iBooks Author which would require a jQuery masonry-esque layout and I have scoured the web for documentation, help, tutorials, and articles that may help me embark on this project but to no avail. I know custom layouts are possible because the project uses this iBook as a reference. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction that may help me in this quest? I must first say that I'm a front-end developer by trade and I've never created an iBook before.

Thank you in advance!

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The layouts are all editable when using the graphical interface of iBooks Author. I don't see why you couldn't edit the files on the filesystem if you wanted to do advanced editing, but for most uses the GUI works well for my needs.

Start with a template you like and open it:

  • View menu -> Show Layouts
  • make your changes
  • File menu -> Save as Template...
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