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After upgrading to Mountain Lion, I can't mount any volumes with TrueCrypt 7.1a anymore. After typing in the password for the volume, an error message is shown, stating that the fusefs kext can't be loaded.

The system log file shows the following errors:[12]: Failed to load /Library/Filesystems/fusefs.fs/Support/fusefs.kext - (libkern/kext) link error.
kernel[0]: kxld[]: The following symbols are unresolved for this kext:
kernel[0]: kxld[]:    _OSRuntimeFinalizeCPP
kernel[0]: kxld[]:    _OSRuntimeInitializeCPP
kernel[0]: Can't load kext - link failed.
kernel[0]: Failed to load executable for kext
kernel[0]: Kext failed to load (0xdc008016).
kernel[0]: Failed to load kext (error 0xdc008016).

Do I need to update MacFuse or TrueCrypt to make this work again?

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It turned out that this was related to running a true 64-bit kernel instead of a 32/64-bit one.

Installing one of the following updates for the FuseFS system fixed the error:

After installing this, I reopened TrueCrypt and was then able to mount the volume.

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Version 7.1a of TrueCrypt

  • does install,
  • is PGP verified,
  • and does run on Mountain Lion.

The installer does install the correct kernel extensions:enter image description here

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