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I have a Mac Pro (2008 eight core 2.8 GHz), a MacBook Air (mid-2011 Core i5 1.7 GHz), and a 30" Apple cinema display (maximum resolution 2560x1600). I have a mini displayport to dual-link DVI adapter for the MacBook Air.

I want to set up the cinema display with a 2-port DVI KVM that fully supports both of these machines, ideally with ports for both DVI and USB.

What are the technical requirements I need to know about to ensure full compatibility with my hardware? Is it possible that some DVI KVM products would not support the maximum resolution of my cinema display?

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I've used Teleport, a really neat pref-pane that functions as a software-only KVM switch. Moving the mouse off of one screen onto the next accomplishes the switch. I used to use it with a Macbook and an iMac next to each other on my desk, controlling either one with a single keyboard and mouse.

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Thanks, but my setup doesn't make this possible. The Mac Pro is used for music, for which I'll have a computer keyboard and a MIDI keyboard on the desk in front of the display. The MacBook Air is used for software development, for which it replaces the two keyboards on the desk. – bneely Mar 9 '13 at 22:56

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