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I noticed that Safari has an Extensions Gallery page. I'm wondering how I would search all the extensions to find the one I want.

Does that page list all of the extensions available, meaning I should use Edit > Find...? Or are there many more which aren't listed on the page?

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There are many extensions not listed on Apple's page. However, if they're not on the main page, they're not on Apple's site at all. Your cmd-f solutions is the best option if you want to search just the extensions that Apple has listed.

If you want to broaden your search to more of the extensions available, turn to third-party sites: http://safariextensions.org/, http://safariextensions.tumblr.com/, and http://www.pimpmysafari.com/category/extensions are all good, more-comprehensive lists.

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… Which is a shame and a fatal miss by Apple, to not understand that they need to establish proper extension search as well as creating something at least remotely reminiscent of e.g. Chrome's and Firefox' 'web store' solutions. –  Henrik Jan 29 '12 at 18:29

The Missing Safari Extensions Gallery Search Engine is hosted at hakore.com now.

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