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I closed mail an hour ago, when I opened mail back again 10 minutes ago the mail app at reseted itself, there are no accounts anymore, no mails, no nothing.

I was wondering if there was any fast and easy way to restore all that ? Since I know that my mails are still somewhere in


And that all the accounts are still in keychain, and I'm not using any TimeMachine at the moment.

I created a new account and interestingly enough my mail seem now to be located at


By the way, no updates have been done, no modifications what so ever, I just closed Mail.

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So basically, it seems that on OSX 10.8 mails are not longer stored in


but in


If your mail app restart / restore itself unexpectedly simply copy the folder called "v2" from one location to the other and restart the Mail app.

Everything should be restored.

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On my Mac, ~/Library/Containers/ is an alias for ~/Library/Mail So they are the 'same thing'. – Gilby Mar 3 '13 at 21:55
That make sense, However I've no idea why Mail restored itself like this. – noktec Mar 4 '13 at 13:22

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