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I have a AirPort Extreme and OS X Server (Mountain Lion). On my local network, I have a number of OS X, Windows, Ubuntu and other machines using DHCP to obtain network addresses. Almost all machines are using IPv6. So what I would like to achieve is have the DHCP update the DNS (aka dynamic DNS) so that one machine on the network can access another by its name.

This is what I have tried:

  1. I reconfigured AirPort Extreme to provide DHCP and restarted all clients. Clients on the network could not address each other by name.

  2. I disabled DHCP on the AirPort Extreme. It only does NAT. I then configured OS X Server 2.2.1 to be both the DNS and DHCP server. However, it doesn't look like OS X Server 2.2.1 supports DHCP IPv6. However, when DHCP clients could not be resolved using the DNS using IPv4.

  3. I switched off OS X Server. Install Ubuntu Server 12.04 and configure it as a DHCP and DNS server. It works perfectly. Every time a DHCP client requests a lease, it is registered in the DNS. The AirPort Extreme only acted as a NAT with the DHCP was disabled.

I disabled DHCP on an AirPort Extreme by limiting it two DHCP addresses and assign two machines to those IP addresses using bogus MAC addresses.

Using the Apple ecosystem, how does one configure DHCP with dynamic DNS? Or do I have to resort to Ubuntu?

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