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Is it possible to share the clipboard of my local machine and a remote machine automatically when using OS X's built-in Screen Sharing utility? The whole Edit -> Send Clipboard, Edit -> Get Clipboard routine starts to feel a little cumbersome if you're doing any regular copy and paste work between your local desktop and a remote session.

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This feature seems to now exist in Apple Screen Sharing Version 1.5 (481.1)

Edit > Use Shared Clipboard

Or View > Show Toolbar and then select Use Shared Clipboard

Use Shared Clipboard

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Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the clipboard can be shared automatically. However, instead of going Edit->Send Clipboard and Edit->Get Clipboard, you can use the get/send clipboard buttons:

enter image description here

They're usually hidden by default, but you can get them to appear by clicking this button in the upper right hand corner of the window: enter image description here or going View->Show Toolbar

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Maybe you might want to switch to JollysFastVNC, which supports pasteboard sync out of the box:

Note that it is not free of charge. You can also get it in the Mac App Store, where the home version (up to 7 computers) costs US-$ 9.99.

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I just went through getting Screen Sharing to work for me so I could cut JollysFastVNC out of my workflow. :) If possible I'd like to not go back to a paid VNC solution. Plus, I do like that CMD+key combos work with OS X's Screen Share (it never did with JollysFast for me). – Ian C. Feb 15 '11 at 15:29

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