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I am trying to view my website - hosted on my local server - from my iPhone. I am doing this my adding a http proxy information into my iPhone. Basically I am following This tutorial, it works perfectly

However, if I turn off my mac (my local server: the information needed for the http proxy), the internet connection on my iPhone would not work. So I need to turn off the http proxy when my local server is not running, in order to use the internet. Basically, if I leave the http proxy information in my iPhone, I only have internet connection as long as I keep my local server running. Is there a way to leave the http proxy information stored in my iPhone (so that I dont have to retype tham every time I need to test my local websites) and still use the internet?


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Isn't this the same issue as If yes, can you please combine the two questions into one to make it easier to solve your problem? – patrix Mar 3 '13 at 10:37

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