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When I'm in a fluid app, and have navigated somewhere, I sometimes want to share that URL with someone.

What's the fastest way to get it onto the clipboard? It seems like it should be simple, but I'm at a loss.

EDIT: I just figured out that I can turn on "show toolbar", which will add a url bar, but is there a quicker way? I don't really want it on most of the time and enabling it is a lot more annoying than a cntrl-c.

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Developer of Fluid here.

Yes, there's a very easy way:

+ L (That's "Command - L")

That will temporarily "show" the toolbar (if it was hidden), and select all the text in the URL location field. From there you can copy it, via + C.

Then, to hide the toolbar, you can press:

⎋ esc (That's "Escape")

If the toolbar was previously hidden, this will hide the toolbar.

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awesome - extra points for all keystrokes! (I've got another question headed your way here soon...) – Jaydles Mar 1 '13 at 18:31

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