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I want to mount a network attached drive onto OSX Lion with Samba.

Usually I do this in Finder with "Go>Connect to Server" and type "smb://" in the Server Adress field, however doing this i ran into a problem with transfering files larger than 2GB (SMB limit).

To bypass this issue I need to mount the drive with LFS (Large File Support), there are many posts online that show how to do this in terminal in Linux, but I cannot find nowhere how to do it in OSX. How can I do this?


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Since Lion, OS X does not come with Samba, but with another implementation of SMB/CIFS.

OS X documentation does not have an option for large file.

You perhaps simply need to update your OS X installation. I have OS X Mountain Lion, and files of 3GB are copied over SMB without trouble. Either you need to upgrade to Mountain Lion or to a newer Lion release.

Other possibility, your server does not support large file and needs an upgrade.

PS: you should avoid cross-posting on multiple stack exchange sites at the same time.

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