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I have an Applescript that simply opens a Dialog Box, asks for a user input and runs a Terminal Command and spits out the answer. It works great in AppleScript Editor yet I am trying to work out how I could package this Script File along with an icon to make a Mac App for my personal use. Thoughts.

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In Applescript editor File->Save As and choose File Format as Application.

Open Bundle Contents drawer and see the applet.icns file, copy your icon to that.

See "Saving a script as an application" in Applescript Editor help.

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+1, but +2 if I could. I've been using Applescript for years and had no idea about the icon trick. Very slick. – Philip Regan Feb 13 '11 at 12:58

Open the information window for your Application cmd+i and drag your icon file (icns format) onto the top left default icon.

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to export an an application, do File -> Export and set the drop-down list to "Application"

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