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Simply put, this is what I want: I want to take a unique printer preset that has already been made and make the OS default to it any time that particular printer is selected to be printed to.

I know how to edit a particular printer's 'Default Settings' preset through the CUPS web UI, but this solution doesn't work for me because one of the printing options I need to change doesn't appear in this UI (for science: the printers I'm working with are Konica Minolta Bizhub C252, C353, and C364; the setting I'm looking to change is make the default color "Grayscale").

I have been able to modify the file to get the system print dialog to pull up the preset that I want by default, but there is a problem with solving things this way: I can't edit this PLIST file properly with TextEdit (the XML gets mangled), and installing XCode on every machine isn't feasible. A solution could be to bring an editor with me on a thumb drive to each machine, but I don't know of an app I could use.

Any path to a solution to this problem, I am open to. I've tried to be as specific about my ultimate goal as possible, and I will answer any followup questions I can.

Any ideas?

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Are you looking for a way to edit files easily?

TextWrangler is a good option. It's a small, free, and good plist editor. You can put that on a thumb drive and go to each machine and install it. On your thumb drive you can also have a file named "" with these contents:

edit /path/to/your/plist/

Once TextWrangler is installed, just double-click the file. I know you don't want to have to install something on every machine but TextWrangler is nice to have and "light" and once it's installed, it's there. This question is a bit old so I'm guessing you found a solution already.

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