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Normal Behavior: When highlighting a word on a webpage, and right clicking on it, a contextual menu pops up; you can get the dictionary definition by choosing, "Look Up 'SelectedWordHere'".

However, if the word you want a definition for is also a hyperlink there is no option in the contextual menu to look up the word in the dictionary. Any hints on how to get this to work? Without copy and paste.

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If you've got access to a multitouch trackpad, tapping with three fingers will (if you've enabled the option under System Preferences / Trackpad, of course) directly popUp the definition of the word, even if it's an hyperlink.

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I own a mouse... – John Feb 23 '13 at 6:15
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After further research it is possible to do this. The trick is to select the word/hyperlink but not right click directly on it. Right clicking to the side will bring up the correct contextual menu with the "Look Up 'word'" menu.

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