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I know that a similar question has been asked at superuser.

But I tried to grep for "time reset" in my /var/log/system.log and I can't find any instance of it. In fact, I even searched in the eight archived copies of system.log (system.log.0.bz2 through system.log.7.bz2). All I found when grep'ing for the word "ntpd" are lines like these:

Feb 20 10:17:16 caspar ntpd[44498]: proto: precision = 1.000 usec
Feb 20 12:27:21 caspar ntpd[44625]: proto: precision = 1.000 usec
Feb 20 18:31:53 caspar ntpd[44625]: bind(28) AF_INET6 > <censored IPv6> flags 0x11 failed: Can't assign requested address
Feb 20 18:31:53 caspar ntpd[44625]: unable to create socket on en0 (7) for <censored IPv6>

Update #1

Following @Raolin's suggestion, I now see lines like this in /tmp/ntpd.log:

21 Feb 19:30:52 ntpd[2328]: DNS ttl 1900
21 Feb 19:30:52 ntpd[2328]: DNS minpoll 9
21 Feb 19:30:52 ntpd[2328]: DNS maxpoll 12
21 Feb 19:30:52 ntpd[2328]: DNS +iburst
21 Feb 20:02:32 ntpd[2328]: DNS ttl 4013
21 Feb 21:09:24 ntpd[2328]: DNS ttl 3507

I'm not sure if the lines containing 'ttl' means it's trying to sync.

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I'm not sure if there are any log messages by default—I couldn't find any either.

One possible solution is to just enable logging. You can edit:


And add this (or something similar):

-l /tmp/ntpd.log

To the exec /usr/sbin/ntpd line in the script (the last line). Then kill the ntpd process (it will automatically relaunch) or reboot.

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Answer would be more convicing if you included lines from a log file showing that your method worked. – gosmond Feb 21 '13 at 7:20

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