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I have a 1/8th" line-in jack in my car, so it is easy to plug in arbitrary devices, but would rather have the ability to just press play when I get in my car and not bother with cables.

In order to accomplish this, I bought an Outdoor Tech Adapt Bluetooth Adapter some time ago, but it has a few issues that bother me.

The adapter itself has a microphone built into it, and it's quality is terrible compared to the one on an iPhone or iPod touch. And since I plug the adapter in via a cable that is only two or three inches, I cannot bring the adapter close enough to speak into it clearly without unplugging it.

Most adapters I've looked at are "headset" adapters, meaning they register both audio input (microphone) and output (speakers). Add to this, I had an idea to keep the adapter permanently plugged into the car by means of a cigarette lighter adapter that provides a USB port. This was also thwarted by the fact that the Adapt does not function normally when plugged into a power source.

And finally, when the Adapt cannot make a Bluetooth connection within some period of time (somewhere on the order of minutes) it automatically shuts itself off. Add these issues together, and the device has become a bit of a nuisance.

As a result, I'm now looking for another adapter that fits these specific requirements where the Adapt fails.

  • Will continue to look for a Bluetooth connection until it's battery dies.
  • Does not have a microphone built in, and instead will let the device use it's built in microphone.
  • Supports A2DP for media control and audio output, but again doesn't have a microphone.
  • Is small and light enough to hang from nothing more than it's audio (and/or power) cable.
  • Can run while powered.

A Car that has bluetooth connectivity built in would be a solution to all of this. But I'd prefer to spend less than $100 than over $15,000 :).

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I stumbled on a Belkin receiver from a question in the relateds, not a bad possibility. Inconvenient by nature of the HUGE wall jack/transformer, but otherwise it might fit all the requirements. Can anyone vouch for this? – Jason Salaz Feb 20 '13 at 23:48

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