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I have a 3rd gen 32GB iPad with a 3G/LTE connectivity (and the latest software) and let me be clear from the start - the WiFi is working perfectly fine for me and I've had no problems with it whatsoever.

The problem is with my iPad causing quite a serious WiFi interference for some other devices on one WiFi network (at my friend's house). It happens only on this single WiFi network and I am 100% sure it is my iPad causing the problems.

Basically, the moment my iPad connects to the WiFi several other devices connected to the network drop their WiFi connection. These are: a Samsung TV and 2 laptops (HP and Dell).

What's interesting, there are several other devices that don't experience no such issues with the WiFi connection, e.g. a couple of iPhones, few other laptops and other mobile devices, including another 3rd gen iPad with 3G/LTE (similar to mine, just 16GB).

If I switch off the WiFi on my iPad and wait a minute or two, all the other devices resume normal WiFi connection.

Any idea what could be causing such problems?

I've already tried resetting network settings.

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I doubt highly that it is the iPad causing interference. What I could expect is that the base station at your friends place can't keep up with all the wireless devices at once. If the TV is using 802.11g as are the other devices that disappear and then your iPad using 802.11n then the base station might crap out. Have seen a few similar cases before.

Additionally some base stations have limitations, example older AirPort Expresses could manage 5 or 10 clients. Once an 11th device comes into the network then a device or two or more might be kicked out because of the DHCP TTL time out. Going static with your IP address won't fix this, only a better base station, eg. the newer Express or Extreme.

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I have had the same experience and today seems like I solved with the help of a friend of mine.

Just try to set static IP-address on other users, if they are used always in the same place. This solved my problem. I realized that if I power off the iPad, the WiFi on my desktop worked properly.

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DHCP issues - that's what I thought, unfortunately static IP is a no go :( –  Michal M Mar 28 '13 at 13:33

Do you have an HP printer with wifi? I have an Office Jet Pro 8600.

Turning off WiFi printing fixed the WiFi issue.

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Are you sure this is answering to the original question ? –  daniel Azuelos Sep 3 '14 at 13:51

Well I found the problem - your iPad saves every program in the background even after you have turned off and started the ipad again. So things like games that are connecting to facebook, youtube, your mail etc etc it all adds up.

first time I checked I had about 40 programs running in the background - shut them all down and problem solved!

double click the home button and swipe up to shut down a program

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