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Hi I am using MacBook 2008 model.

I've installed Win XP using Bootcamp.

For past few weeks I notice that when running Win XP, after few minutes (approx 15 to 20 mins), laptop gets shutdown automatically.

This does not happens when running OS X.

Any Suggestions...??

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My best guess is that Windows is crashing. Try opening XP's logs and post them here. – Emil Feb 17 '13 at 10:05
This is a Diagnostic. Paste following in Terminal syslog -k Sender kernel -k Message CSeq 'n Cause: -' | tail | awk '/:/{$4=""; print}' | pbcopy the result will be copied to your clipboard and tell us what is the reson for shut down. – Buscar웃 Dec 11 '14 at 4:45

If the fans are running fast it's an overheating issue. Otherwise the windows battery related drivers might have a hard time detecting your battery state.

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