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I'm using oh-my-zsh and iTerm2. I've also enabled the zsh-vim-mode plugin from oh-my-zsh. One of the annoyances I've encountered is my right prompt (RPS1 & RPROMPT) doesn't seem to show up. I'd like it to indicate what vim mode I'm currently in.

I'm using the robbyrussel theme. It seems my $RPS1 variable is set. I'm wondering if there's a configuration option I'm missing.

I'm running 10.7.

Same issue in 10.8.

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What is in your $RPS1? – Alex Bolotov Feb 24 '13 at 7:44
Could you please attach your .zshrc? – Alex Bolotov Feb 24 '13 at 17:37
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Try wrapping your RPROMPT in single quotes. I've seen double quotes cause issues for others with their prompts before.

I would also ditch the precmd > setprompt process for the moment and just set RPROMPT directly to simplify for testing. Start with something like

precmd() {
PROMPT=$'\n$(rb_prompt) in $(directory_name) $(git_dirty)$(need_push)\n› '

and refine from there.

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After investigating - I found a few things that fixed this:

  1. I had some oh-my-zsh plugins that were setting RPS1 instead of RPROMPT - it seems that setting both caused neither to be shown.
  2. Setting RPROMPT in precmd also caused it to disappear.
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Make sure that $RPS1 or $RPROMPT is not defined in one of your plugins. For example, the plugin vi-mode defines $RPS1 inside an if statement. To test, disable ALL plugins inside your .zshrc and see if that fixes things.

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