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I have the Weather.app partially working on jailbroken iPad3 and iPad Mini (using steps: http://www.sinfuliphone.com/showthread.php?p=953237 and iApp Installer to install the Weather.ipa )

On iPad Mini, everything works as expected, on the Ipad 3 the current day's large weather image (cloud, moon, sun, etc) shows properly, however none of the weekly forecast images show - either when run as an app or in Notification Center)

Has anyone found a way to get these working? it is quite puzzling that same steps work flawlessly on iPad Mini not iPad 3 (both jailbreak on iOS 6.3)

Files copied using iFunbox

I took a long shot and created additional half sized images (the bundles came with 2x versions) but this did not change anything.

Has anyone got this working, or could suggest an avenue to pursue? I cannot see a difference between the 2 filesystems on the Mini v 3.

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