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When trying to convert or resize a dmg image I get the error:

hdiutil: convert failed Resource Temporarily Unavailable error


hdiutil: resize: failed. Resource temporarily unavailable (35).

(hdiutil error code 35).

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The problem appears to happen when you unmount the image using umount.

Remount the image (either using hdiutil attach or just double click the image) and use the command hdiutil detach it again. This will unmount and eject the image.

hdiutil detach /Volumes/<your image>
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The mounted images still appear in "Disk Utility" when you can remove them. – Stefano Palazzo Sep 20 '15 at 1:07

Another possibility is that the disk image is still mounted (from previous work on it). In this case, just select the eject icon.

Afterwards, the hdiutil convert worked great.

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