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Can anyone explain how to build Emacs --with-ns and SVG support on OS X?


  • --with-rsvg isn't working (when librsvg is installed, ie. via Homebrew)

  • FYI, The Emacs Mac port uses webkit to provide SVG support, although that build adds far too many things I don't want.

I want to just compile in support for SVG on Cocoa Emacs, I'm not averse to patching, and if no answers are available, I'll see if I can patch over from the Emacs Mac port

(Assume latest stable version of Emacs 24.2, building from source)


I've tried running brew install emacs --cocoa --svg without success.

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I'm sorry, perhaps this question is off topic here (see FAQ). Please post to stackoverflow.com. Thanks. –  Global nomad Feb 12 '13 at 21:26
@Globalnomad - raised on meta. - also see –  Slomojo Feb 12 '13 at 21:43

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I was unable to get this working, and instead went with the Emacs Mac Port

Turns out it's much better than I'd thought.

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