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My Macbook Pro from around 2008 finally died. It has two 1 GB memory chips. (Specifically, two of this Samsung chip.) My question is: can I use these chips in my 2011 Mac Pro?

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No, not directly.

Image from at

The Mac Pro uses full-sized desktop DIMM modules, whereas the Macbook pro uses laptop-sized SO-DIMM modules. These cannot be directly swapped without a passive adapter, which I honestly wouldn't think makes much sense to bother with given how inexpensive 2 GB of RAM is these days for a Mac Pro.

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Thanks. Yeah, that doesn't really make sense. It was mostly me being sentimental. I think I'll just keep the SO-DIMM's around as a souvenir. Or perhaps I'll see if I can slot them into a Samsung Windows laptop I have... If that's not blasphemy! – Ghopper21 Feb 10 '13 at 3:55

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