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When I tried to install Warcraft III I got this nice message that says:

You can’t open the application “Installer.app” because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.

So what's the best way to run Warcraft III on a Mountain Lion?

There are a few articles online regarding PowerPC apps, but I would like to have an answer here as well.

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Two ideas I can think of. First, dual boot with OS X 10.6, which still supports Rosetta.

The other is to obtain a copy of Snow Leopard Server, which had a license which allowed you to run it in a virtual machine. (The license for normal SL did not allow you to run it in a VM. Lion and Mountain Lion changed the license to allow it.) Then use Parallels or VMWare Fusion to run it. However, I don't believe the graphic support is very good with guest OS X machines, so it may not run well.

Even if you can find a way to install the app, IIRC Warcraft III was a PPC binary for the game as well, so you'd still be stuck.

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The short answer is: You can't run PowerPC apps on ML. But as already suggested there are alternatives. Parallels or VMWare for example and a Windows Virtual Machine may allow you to run a relatively old game with decent framerate. (if you have the Windows Version, tho Blizzard games used to be win/mac on the same CD).

There's no way to install Rosetta (to run PPC code) on a ML because there were lots of underlying changes that make this an impossible task. I don't know if people have found ways to do it, but it's certainly "hacky".

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