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i have a Problem. Here's my story: I bought a new LCD-Monitor: Acer S235HLBbmii. I had Windows 8 till today. The colors with windows (and this monitor) were very good. All tests on this website are very good:

Now i connected my new Apple Mac Mini (2012, quadcore 2.3 GHz) to this display. And what can i say? The colors are very terrible.

I tried Mac OS X color calibration, different modes/settings in the OSD menu and the Windows 7 Color Profile (ICM) from the Acer website.

This test especially is just worst: It shows me the first block (200). I can't see any other. So you can imagine that bright pictures with a lot of white amount looks very shitty.

Switching back to Windows 8 isn't considerable so i need to get this fixed.

Here is a link:

P.S.: I downloaded and installed all updates. Monitor is connected via HDMI 1.4 Cable (good quality) and also i tried the old DVI to HDMI-Cable (which powered the display under windows) with the adapter that was shipped. Not a single improvment.

P.S.S.: Tested video out on my 27 inch Yamakasi, the white saturation is near the same. It's crap. It's oviously a software fault. What can i do to fix this? :-(

You are my last ressort and any help is very appreciated!

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Why the downvote? – Warren Pena Feb 5 '13 at 19:30
I dont know and it makes me feel sadder. :-( – breiti Feb 5 '13 at 19:33
Have you tried calibrating the colors yourself from the Displays preference pane? Mac OS X's default gamma is indeed different than other OSes. Try turning on the Expert mode for additional control. – da4 Feb 5 '13 at 20:17
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I FIXED IT! The HDMI out of the mac mini is very poor. I connected the via mini displayport and all went fine.

(mini displayport -> dvi -> hdmi, crazy but works better then HDMI <> HDMI).

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You may have the same problem that drove me crazy today.

Check out this article, I smell the same issue.

Also, the other relevant thread where I posted the same answer.

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