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I installed iTerm2 the other day, and was playing around with it. In the process I seemed to have messed up the handling of HTTP hyperlinks on my system. Sometimes (annoyingly, not every time, which is very confusing - I can't spot a pattern) when I click an HTTP link in the Twitter app, MS Word, and so on, it opens a new iTerm2 terminal window or tab, and the webpage doesn't open. How can I get back to the original behavior and have the link open in the default web browser?

I've already checked the iTerm2 preferences - under "URL schemes", no scheme is selected:

enter image description here

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Try to reassign the URL schemes using RCDefaultApp. – Daniel Beck Feb 5 '13 at 17:02
If there is an entry for it in ~/Library/Preferences/, try deleting it and restarting. – user495470 Feb 5 '13 at 17:30
Lauri, your answer worked. https (not http) was associated with iTerm2, not Safari - hence the "random" behavior. I've fixed that now. If you change your comment to an answer, I can mark it. – Andrew Ferrier Feb 5 '13 at 19:08
Andrew, could you copypaste the solution to an answer and mark the question as solve, please? I'd rather not steal Lauri's reputation but it's preferable you get it than I do. – GhostLyrics May 13 '13 at 16:03
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Check the file associations for both HTTP & HTTPS, make sure both are set to Safari.

A simple way to do this would be using RCDefaultApp

enter image description here

Answered as Community Wiki just so we don't have a dangling question when there's a perfectly good answer in the comments.

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Set Safari to be your default web browser.

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How do you do that? – Mark Jun 28 '15 at 14:34

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