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I have an XML file that has links to various .jpg I want to create an applescript that downloads a local copy of these. The idea is to also label them sequentially with a number say 001 to 030.

Every time i run the script i want the pictures to be overwritten with the new ones.

Here is the XML file I need to use:

Can anyone help?

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Have you actually written any script for us to look at? Is there a language you should be implementing this script in? – SoFLy Feb 5 '13 at 2:23

If a shell script solution is acceptable as well, try the following

for u in $(curl -s "$URL" |
           grep jpg | 
           sed -E 's/.*<profile_image_url>(.+)<\/profile_image_url>/\1/'); do
    curl -s "$u" -o $i.jpg
    (( i++ ))

This of course only works for this specific XML example and requires all files to be in jpg format.

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Here is another approach:

-- Notice last "/" on path below
set downloadFolder to "/Users/squirrel/Desktop/testFolder/"

set myImages to every paragraph of (do shell script "curl | grep -o \\>.*jpg | sed 's/\\>//'")

repeat with i from 1 to count of myImages
    set fileName to do shell script "echo " & quoted form of (item i of myImages) & " | grep -o [^/]*$ | sed 's/\\.jpg/-" & addOs(i, 3) & ".jpg/'"
    do shell script "curl " & quoted form of (item i of myImages) & " -o " & quoted form of (downloadFolder & fileName as text)
end repeat

on addOs(myNumber, desiredDigits)
    set myNumber to myNumber as text
    set moreOs to desiredDigits - (myNumber's length)
    repeat moreOs times
        set myNumber to "0" & myNumber
    end repeat
    return myNumber
end addOs
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