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I have a Mac running OSX 10.6 Mountain Lion. I have three Windows computers, one Win7 and two Win8.

  • OSX can connect to the two Win8 boxes smb shares fine
  • Win8 & Win7 boxes can connect to the OSX shares fine

  • OSX can't talk to the Win7 box

I can ping the win7 box from my Mac, and I used to connect them up all the time, though it has been several months since I did it last. It's so strange since I can tell there is connectivity all ways, since the Win7 box can see shares on the Mac and other Windows boxes can see shares on the Win7 box.

When I try to connect or browse shares on the Win7 box from my Mac it says that it can't even find it. I've tried both the hostname, which it doesn't resolve when I ping it, and by IP address, which does ping but still won't connect. I tried connecting from my Mac via IP and hostname to one of my Win8 boxes and both methods worked.

I don't have another Mac to test and see if communication would work between it and my Win7 box, but so far things seem to point to it being on the Mac end (though not 100% on that).

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