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My employer recently changed our VPN that we use while working remote and sent some new instructions for setting up our windows machines to connect to it.

Following the instructions, I basically just added a couple of DNS servers and was able to get the VPN working on my windows laptop.

Unfortunately, I've not had the same luck with my MacBook. I log in with my username and password, and it authenticates to verify those credentials are correct, and it even has the VPN connection icon on like it is running. However, I can't access any of the network like I should be when the VPN was actually working before.

Our new VPN uses a PPTP connection with CHAP AND MS-CHAP. As mentioned above, on the windows machine, I also provide Preferred DNS and Alternate DNS server.

Is connection even possible with the VPN tool under networking? What do I need to do to get this connection to work again on my Mac?

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