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I have backed up and restored to factory setting 10 times, talked to Apple Suport 4 times for 2.5 hours each time and still have "other" yellow bar using 8.0 gb. Nothing they say works and 2 Apple reps said it is "junk" that has accumulated in "other" and factory reset resolves it...NOT ! 1 Apple rep says have too many apps....have 32 and only 1 stores data I input.....not even any games like teenagers have a ton of game apps with data stored in hem......any suggestions ?

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Have you looked on the iPhone itself to see how much free space you have left versus what iTunes is saying? Just an FYI - all apps have files that run the app: those files take up space. Some apps are remarkably big, like GarageBand, and others are very small. But notice, Apps is another part of the storage indicator. – bassplayer7 Feb 1 '13 at 16:05

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