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I have a share on a netatalk server that exporting "Don's home" - I want to add to fstab so that it's handled by autofs as an indirect mount.

I've tried using %60 and %20, quoting, escaping with backslash, \40, \040, etc. Anyone know the syntax?

When there are no special characters this works fine:

server:/share dummy url net,automounted,url==afp://user:pass@server/share 0 0
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I've searched the whole Internet on this issue, and seems like you cannot automount to mount points with spaces. I've tried all kinds of tricks on Yosemite to make myself sure.

However, you can use manual command to mount to such points, for SMB it will be:

mount_smbfs //user:password@server/share%20with%20spaces /Volumes/Network/Share\ With\ Spaces/

Probably this could can be in some kind of Automator script and get executed at a startup time, but this is not automount, of course. So I've ended up with underscore signs in mount point names.

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