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The program Anki saves its data to the Documents folder. I would like to move this folder to my Dropbox folder. Anki has no settings which allows you to change the location that data is stored.

Is there any way to move this folder to another location and point Anki to the new folder via Mac OS X? I tried moving the folder and then creating an Alias in the same location (with the same name) by + dragging the file in Finder, but Anki doesn't see the files in the new folder.

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You may be able to use Symbolic Links to create a link between where Anki stores its files and a folder within DropBox. Information on how to create symbolic links and how they differ from Aliases can be found here:


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Thanks for the link, it worked. –  Senseful Feb 9 '11 at 17:53
It worked out best when I did a symbolic link between my dropbox folder/anki/decks folder and ~/Documents/Anki Afterward had to explicitly open all decks with Anki to register. Now they all sync with dropbox. Haven't tried with a mobile device. –  bgs Jul 16 '12 at 5:02

Actually, that is not the best way. You can run Anki in portable mode and specify the path to a different data folder. Create a shortcut to Anki.exe and change the target path to this:

anki.exe -b "D:\Anki"

Close Anki, move your Anki data files to D:\Anki (or whatever folder you choose) and restart Anki.

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Mac does not use drive letters, nor executable files with .exe file extensions. –  tubedogg Mar 5 at 4:33

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