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Today I found out that when searching in iTunes, it doesn't include words in songtitles that are between parentheses. I have lots of remixed songs and they always mention the artist between parentheses. I like the new style of searching, this way I can quickly add artists and albums to 'play now', so I don't want to change that.

Is there any way to search words between parentheses too?

Kind regards. (iTunes 11.0.1, Mountain Lion.)

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I have this problem too, but to clarify: iTunes does search for words in between parentheses, only as long as they are not immediately before or after parentheses. For example, if you have a song called "Derezzed (Avicii Remix Vocal Edit)", iTunes will not find it if you search for "Avicii" or "Edit", but it will find it if you search for "Remix" or "Vocal". – Nick Chammas Mar 10 '13 at 10:28

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