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My iPhone 3GS got wet a couple of weeks ago. I dried it off and it has been working ok. Then today it just died. Went from fully charged to no charge to dead. When plugged into the mains it shows the white apple sign on a black background, and vibrates interminently. When plugged into the computer nothing happens and iTunes does not recognise that it is plugged in. My last back up was done a few months ago but I really need to retrieve my contacts and calendar appointments from it. Any ideas?

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Hey, by "Back-up" was this done remotely by you, or was this done by iCloud? Did you use iCloud to back-up your device? A more up-to-date version may be on there. Is there no way you can connect the device to your Computer and it to recognise through iTunes? If it's just a battery issue and still allowing you to access the data from a PC then this could be a solution – Phorce Jan 26 '13 at 0:11
What did you use to sync your contacts and calendars? Did you by any chance use iCloud at all? Are you just looking for your contacts and calendars? – bassplayer7 Jan 26 '13 at 1:13

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