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I have a FreeNAS File Server which provides AFP shares to my Mac OS X clients. I'm seeing some strange performance issues between OS X 10.7.5 clients and the FreeNAS server.

My goal is to use the FreeNAS server to store home directories, and while I have this set up on my OS X 10.7 Server and it's working okay, users see periodic beachballs when launching applications or documents stored on the AFP shares.

The most disconcerting is that disk images (DMG files) residing on the AFP shares will suddenly be ejected, especially during periods of high traffic. For example, copying a large number of files might cause DMG files mounted from the AFP share to become disconnected.

I tested the throughput by reading a DMG file with dd (on the client machine, DMG resides on an AFP share) and we get about 70-80 MB/sec. Not fantastic, but should be adequate. (The network is gigabit without jumbo frames)

What could cause this behavior?

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Can you monitor the CPU usage on the FreeNAS box? Is the FreeNAS box up to date? – Thorgrim Feb 6 '13 at 22:01

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